Monday, December 29, 2008

18th Birthday running times

Here are the running times for the Chapter Music 18th birthday party this Sumday at the Tote!

Tote stage:

3.30pm Karl Smith
4.30pm Hit The Jackpot
5.30pm Sleepy Township
6.30pm Mystery Guests
8.00pm Pikelet
9.00pm The Crayon Fields

Cobra Bar stage

4.00pm Clare Moore
5.00pm Lakes
6.00pm Henry Wagons
7.30pm Minimum Chips
8.30pm Panel Of Judges

hope you can make it! 

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PGEkFTx8q590ANCYOX97E_mdVkpiN.wgiwpzCQ-- said...

How I would so love to be there and to see Sleepy Township again. Are there any plans for a live recording?